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(Unless I tell you otherwise, then please adhere to this policy) 

All clients are required to come with clean hair. Use small amount of product if needed. Detangled and straightened with Blow Dryer from ROOT to ENDS prior to appt.   For BEST results, use a comb attachment on your blow dryer to make the process faster, easier and thorough. This will allow the braiding process to go quicker, smoother, reduce scalp sensitivity, produce quality end result and help style to last longer. 

( Please flat iron hair if hair is THICK and/or getting Large Feed-in Style. )

ALWAYS use a heat protectant product.  I will use my ALL natural heat protectant called True Protection Butter ( also available for purchase). 

Appointments are timed for the style ONLY, not to include blow drying. I may not have time to do this process, since it is required prior to coming.

Therefore your appt. may need to be rescheduled if this step is not completed prior to your appt. per my hair prep policy.  

An additional $5 fee will be added if I have to blow dry, flat iron, or detangle the hair more to complete the style.  If you are NOT comfortable doing this policy, then I am NOT the braider for you. 

Thank you in Advance 

hair we go ac revised.jpg