About Hair We Go AC 

Hair We Go AC, LLC. is a Christian based salon offering braiding, crocheting and trim services. This is NOT a full service salon. Adrienne Curry is the sole operator, founder and owner. 


Hair We Go AC is located in a office space. The environment is inviting, safe, clean, professional, smoke free and alcohol free.  The work space is sanitized after each client. You'll find great comfort in the intimate setting. I offer 1x1 sessions by appointment only.

Hair We Go AC offers:

  • Natural Braid services (NO braiding hair added)

  • Feed-in Braid services (Braiding hair added)

  • Knotless Box Braids (no twists)

  • Traditional Box Braids (no twists)

  • Crochet services 

  • Trim service ( hair must be washed prior to coming )


Services are offered to both genders ages 4 and up. ​

Hair washing is NOT available. Clients are required to come with clean, de-tangled, blown out hair from Root to Tip. The braiding sessions are timely within themselves and this allows the opportunity to service 2-3 clients per work day. Sessions are timed ONLY for the style, not for blow drying or flat ironing. 

For the client's convenience Hair We Go AC has the preferred braiding hair available for purchase at the location. Multiple color options and affordable. (please read Braiding Hair Policy page for more information)

Hair We Go AC also has an online store that offers products for the hair and skin. 

Hair We Go AC's mission is to provide quality services and products, that assists each client in having a healthy and thriving hair journey. 


Braiding hair has always been a way for me to express creativity. I am self-taught. I've been braiding hair since the age of 16, which is 20+ years of experience!

Although I was blessed with this gift, I was only braiding hair on the side and never had an interest to pursue it as a career. I had always worked a full-time job and braided hair after work. Over time braiding became my Passion. As the client demand began to steadily increase, it became apparent it was time for a career shift. I stepped out on faith after getting a clear confirmation from the Lord that He would take care of my needs and to trust Him. It was time to leave the company I worked at for 9 years and start my own braiding business full-time and I haven't looked back since!

The Lord is a promise keeper! I am nothing without Him! It's truly a blessing to do what I love for a living! And all my clients continue to help make this a reality!

Thank you and I appreciate you all!!! 


        "It's More Than Hair In My Chair!"

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